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An extensive international network that offers seamless movement of cargo from point of origin to its final destination. GLS shipping has the experience and the expertise to optimally manage your logistics requirements with global coverage and multi-model capabilities.

Whether your goals relate to improvement of your international supply chain or your challenge is to get your product to the market ahead of your competition, GLS shipping have the expertise to provide just the right international logistics and freight solutions for you.

Contract Logistics

GLS Shipping is a logical partner for outsourcing logistics and management of complex supply chain projects. Our services cover all the aspects of logistics planning, control and supply chain execution from point of origin to point of consumption.

Our Contract Logistics services offer clients a complete one stop solution. Order management, shipment management, customs management, warehouse and inventory management, sales order management and reverse logistics competencies that we present to our clients in the form of Contract Logistics.

Outsourcing logistics requirements enables our clients to concentrate on their core competencies. As a Lead Logistics services provider, GLS Shipping offers cost control, visibility and responsiveness so that you see substantial reductions in time spent on your administrative, operational and inventory activities, turning your operations into a competitive advantage.

Reverse Logistics

Our IT-enabled solutions allow us to use network analysis and tools optimize the transportation between warehouse and distribution centers. This allows us to deliver an effective reverse logistic service, as it involves the flow of surplus materials or equipments back through the supply chain after meeting customer demand, or for repair or reworks. GLS Shipping can manage receiving, sorting, verifying and managing returned products’ reverse flow, keeping in mind the environment regulations.

As part of our Reverse Logistics services we ensure the control of material flows, repair, recycling or disposal. GLS Shipping ensures that returned merchandise is taken care of - whether it needs to be returned to the plant, scrapped, or repacked and replaces as stock. Reverse logistics is a key marketing offering that effects customer perception, thus effecting an organization’s bottom-line. The design of such a process should accelerate both the order to delivery cycle as well as the cash to cash cycle. GLS Shipping brings to the table experienced consultants who have been designing and implementing reverse logistics solutions across various industries.