PostHeaderIcon Core Values

We have sought to make GLS Shipping a value – driven organization and we believe these values will continue to direct our business as well as individual growth .

Our Core driving values are:

Integrity: Integrity towards our work, our customers and our employees is the foundation on which our organization is built. We believe that our teams have the integrity, inspiration and commitment to achieve our vision of building a perpetual organization .

Respect: Respect for customers needs by showing maximum responsiveness, respect and compassion for employees and colleagues, and above all, respect for law of the lands that our business thrives on, are imperative for our organization to continue to succeed and grow .

Excellence: Excellence and continuous improvement in our operations are what will help in scaling greater heights of growth and success. These will lead to an enhanced learning experience for our employees and enhanced value-addition to our customers .

Teamwork: Our leaders and partners at various levels around the world are empowered and inspire teamwork necessary for any venture to succeed. Together we can generate superior stakeholder value and generate long-term revenue, profit and growth. We believe in the application of the principals of supply chain management in their true spirit by moving away from the old silo way of functioning to promoting cross-functional collaboration and communication

GLS Why the Name?

We interpret our business of logistics to be a facilitator of Convergence and Growth, an evolution of the oldest natural source of trade and development – water. Over time, water has channeled civilizations, agriculture, trade and markets across the globe, bringing prosperity to every region. That’s why the name ‘GLS’ (Global Logistics Services). Today GLS Shipping facilitates these independent markets convergence to a point of growth

We employ our expertise to enable every business. With a fluid supply chain we deliver constantly, overcome challenges of diversity across industries and markets, worldwide. In our journey of being a Global Logistic Solution Provider, we in turn are constantly evolving with ideas, people and cultures. We go with the flow!