PostHeaderIcon International shipping services for Cars and Caravans

GLS Shipping Ship’s cars and caravans direct from any port in India to and from any International port offering a full package service from door/depot up-to arrival and delivery at destination/depot fully customs cleared and handed out to clients for collection.

GLS Shipping works with long established overseas agent’s specialist in the field of motor and leisure craft imports and exports. Shipping of cars/caravans overseas is our business; we make sure your car is delivered as it was left with us and on time. Our excellent relations with the Indian shipping lines that have been cultivated over years of relationship, enables us to offer competitive rates for our reliable Car Overseas shipping services. We can arrange for your car to be collected from almost any private address or car dealership around the world and delivered to the nearest sea port of departure.

Your step by step guide to overseas car/caravan shipping:


• What is roll-on roll-off? (also known as ro-ro)

Roll-on roll-off is the most commonly used form of Shipping cars/caravans overseas. The vehicle is loaded onto the vessel under deck along with other vehicles. The ship is reserved specifically for vehicle shipments.

• What if I want my car shipped in a container?

We offer a container service for car shipping. The container service includes the loading of your car with our specially provided ramps and strapping to ensure your car is safely secured inside the container.

• Can you collect my car from my address or car dealer?

Wherever your car is, we can arrange for your car to be collected by a transporter or driver and have the car safely shipped and delivered at the desired destination.

• What do you require from me?

We require from you a copy of your passport, copy of vehicle registration document and Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) for temporary importation of vehicle.

• Can I load any gas bottles into the caravan?

Unfortunately not. All hazardous materials, explosives, corrosive or flammable items cannot be shipped with caravans.

• Can I load other items in my caravan?

Unfortunately not. All hazardous materials, explosives, corrosive or flammable items cannot be shipped with caravans.

• Can I load other items in my caravan?

Yes, but these must be declared and appropriate receipts must be supplied.


All vehicles are thoroughly checked for condition and cleanliness prior to engagement of pickup and shipping.

1. All clients will be provided with a signed condition/inspection report of the vehicle(s) prior to hand over to protect the interests of all parties involved with handling and shipping. In addition the condition report serves as a working document to accompany marine insurance policies as required by insurance companies should any vehicle wishes to be insured. Details of our approved insurance broker will be provided on demand.

2. All vehicles are photographed prior to loading into the shipping containers evidencing the lashing and securing materials applied. The vehicles will be loaded at pier in presence of Customer and the photos can be provided upon request giving peace of mind to clients knowing their vehicle is being handled professionally and is in good hands.

3. Prior to loading a vehicle into a shipping container, the container itself is checked for cleanliness and condition to ensure they are seaworthy and water tight, free of moisture/damp (In case of Box Containers).

4. All vehicles are checked for cleanliness prior to pickup. It is certainly recommended that the owner washes the exterior and vacuums the interior of the vehicle to satisfy overseas import cleanliness regulations applied particularly in New Zealand and Australia by the appointed quarantine officials. In our professional opinion it would be advisable not to pay good money for a Indian Clean-up company to perform this task as the quarantine officials overseas will select the vehicle for a clean again with costs applied. For further advice please contact our office.

5. It is in the interests of all clients to contact our office to discuss the above and other issues prior to shipping. GLS Shipping will certainly make this a pleasurable experience with professional advice on hand.

When shipping your car/caravan, insurance cover from the point of collection up to port and additional marine shipping insurance can be offered as an option for your piece of mind.